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At-home Cooking Classes

Its amazing how impactful and FUN 2.5 hours can be to your cooking repertoire. Each class is customized to your taste preferences, skill level, dietary restrictions and your equipment. This is a no-excuse cooking class where we work with your abilities (no matter where you are!) in your kitchen to create amazingly satisfying, customized dishes, unleashing your joy with cooking. Moreover, we will practice batch cooking and root to stem and no-waste practices to get the most value from of all ingredients. Classes are for up to 2 people in the household.

Great for when you are:
feeling bored or in a deep food rut
transitioning from one diet to another
want to feel inspired and confident in the kitchen
ready for some low-hassle, big impact nutrition
need support for weight loss or gain
in the habit of buying but then throwing food away

$350 + tax for up to 2 people
Add-on options include:
+ organic ingredients & shopping services
+ efficiency re-organization of kitchen/pantry space